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The Legend of Korra Book 2 Roundtable



Welcome again to Pop Tortes’ annual The Legend of Korra roundtable discussion. Book 2, “Spirits,” was a lot more divisive than the first season, and this year, we have Christy Admiraal, Andy Seroff, and Elena Thrace here to talk about their thoughts and emotions related to the…

Continuing my return into writing about animation, I got the chance to discuss Korra with some TV academics through the internet.

Steven Universe vs. the Cartoon Monomyth

It’s just a really good show so I had to say something. Lotsa heart.

Frugality Review: Superior Nut Company’s Gourmet Hot & Spicy Peanuts (Fancy Grade)

I like to bargain shop with my groceries, because quality roulette is a very low-risk way to stave off the bores of routine. And one thing I like to pick up at my local Grocery Outlet is some sort of snack for next to the computer, and lately that’s meant trail mix. Trail mix is the frugal snack compared to bulk nuts - with expensive cashews or pistachios rare among the far cheaper raisins and peanuts. 

So I was in the protein and DVDs section of GrossOut and my eyes spotted a large supply of very large (1.6 lb) cans of nuts with a red cap, towering over other nut packages. Buying in bulk was appealing, given my rate of computer-side snacking, so I check the price - $2.49. That’s a trail mix price for a super-sized can of nuts.

There must be something seriously wrong with these peanuts.

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A Silicon Valley Reading of Betas

Betas has been picked up by Amazon Studios,

Betas Pilot


We zoom in from Google Earth to a communal hacker space in Silicon Valley. Within 15 seconds, Nash (Karan Soni) has deemed the workspace “unacceptable” and stomps to the door. And in 15 seconds, we have our first signal to the tone of Betas. The listening to soothing music to try to drown out distractions is real to all of us. But hacker spaces are generally considered to be highly productive environments (though easily mistaken for start-ups, which Nerf gun battles are commonplace). Is this the creators breaking any expectations of realism right off the bat, signalling comedic liberty with elements of start-up life? Or a simple plot contrivance to keep the cast at a low rung of start-up experience, but still signalling to the young, loose workspace of start-ups?

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I think i am in friend-love with you



Writer and artist Yumi Sakugawa gets all of this one.

A Normal Life

"We’ve done it," the scientists proclaimed.

"The map of most average human genome is complete.”

What to call the pinnacle of normalcy?

When Norm was born, there were national news broadcasts

Live on the scene, with breaking developments of ordinary.

While Norm grew up, he was a local celebrity

His mundane home highlighted on any map.

When Norm graduated, his name rang a bell

"Where is Norm now?" was on many’s minds.

When Norm got a job, his face looked familiar

"Do I know you?" "Have we met?"

And that’s as much as we know about Norm

He’s been missing since then.

The Start-Up Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the problems I cannot fix with a start-up;
the courage to start-up the problems I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.